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Student Recognition

Asa Clark Middle School recognizes students each term for their accomplishments through a program called "STARS" (Students That Are Really Special). Students could be recognized for a simple act of kindness, overall positive attitude, academic achievement, improved effort, or something extra-curricular.  Students recognized for the 4th term of the 2016-17 school year are as follows:

  • Hailey Maynard, Audrey Pangerc, Geoffrey Xue, Nicholas Seidl, Caden Rachwal, Mikaila Dischler, Josi Filippelli, Keegan Rice, Erin Harrigan, Lily Keller, Catalyna Rataczyk, Colin Looysen, Cora Riffle, Mitchell Smith, Lucas Nesthus, Hans Ebenhoch, Kirsten Cutler, Allie Honl, Paige Foster, Jacklyn Woyach, and Milan Greguska

Asa Clark Middle School recognizes students four times a year through a program called "Pirate Pride".  Students are recognized for exemplifying Core Competencies (critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, collaboration, citizenship, communication, information technology, and college/career readiness).  Students recognized on January 24, 2017 are as follows:

  • Fiona Kennedy, Evan Routhieaux, Hailey Boelter-Eberhardt, Colin Kaehler, Alissa Jo Brehm, Paige Foster, Sanshray Vallecha, Savannah Crawford, Anna Brandl, Julia Beck, Erin Harrigan, Jack Kinjerski, Hadley Davidson, Mikaila Dischler, Omkar Kendale, Emily Haight, Jake Koch, Megan Brown, Nick Staleos, Kylie Maderski, Emily Thomas, Caitlin Ziolkowski, Braden Servais, Collin Dalsanto, and Ryan Cullen