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ACMS Educator of the Year

It is with great pride that Asa Clark Middle School recognizes Amy Brandenstein as its Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year.  Mrs. Brandenstein embodies all of the qualities of an excellent teacher. As a science teacher at Asa Clark Middle School for over 20 years, she has facilitated improved teaching and learning practices through the development of rigorous standards of instruction,  hands-on learning opportunities, and inclusion practices for all children. Mrs. Brandenstein has a passion for understanding and protecting the environment. Through her River Keepers Club, she engages students in scientific inquiry aimed at better understanding the delicate balance of the Pewaukee River ecosystem and annually leads her students in taking measures to clean and protect the river. Her attitude and work with children both in and out of the classroom serves as a model of how to positively touch the lives of young people and help them reach their full potential.

Congratulations to Mrs. Brandenstein on this well-deserved honor!!